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Wooden Blocks in Sets - Standard Unit (Kindergarten Size) Building Blk Sets
  • 19 Blocks, No.420 Starter Set
  • 36 Blocks, No.400 Set
  • 56 Blocks, No.401 Set
  • 93 Blocks, No.402 Set
  • 111 Blocks, No.403 Set
  • 326 Blocks, No.405 Set
  • 18 Blks, Spcl Parts 404 Set
    Individual Block Parts -Your Choice
  • Parts Chart For Shopping
    By Block Shape Not By Predesigned Set Makeup
    Wooden Blocks, Tabletop/Mini Unit Bldg Blk Sets
  • 47 Mini-Unit Blks, No.800
  • 204 Mini-Unit Blks, No.801
    Door & Window Accessory Parts for Unit Block Sets
  • Doors & Windows Accy's
    Castle Blocks
  • 46 Cstl Parts Only, No.435
  • 98 Pcs, No.430 Set
  • 150 Pieces No.440 Set,
    Wooden Wagons
  • 29 Blocks+Wagon, No.600
  • 58 Blocks+Wagon, No.602
  • 20 ABC Blks+Wgn, No.603
    ABC Blocks
  • Single ABC Blks, No.811
  • 20 ABC Blks+Wgn, No.603
  • 27 ABC Blks, No.812
  • 78 Abc Blks, No.810

    Wood Games
    Wood Push Toy
    Rocking Horses
    Rocking Lamb
    Rocking Lion
    Doll Furniture
    Tabletop Skittles
  • Skittles Spinning Wooden Top Bowling Game, No.1600
    Push Toys
  • Lawnmower Push Toys; Perfect Gift for the 1 Year Old, No.631
    Rocking Horses-Pine w/Maple Rocker Assembly
  • Rocking Horses, Gloss Lacquer over Clear Finish; Pine with Maple Rocker, No.740

  • Rocking Horses, Gloss Lacquer over Mahoghany Stain; Pine with Maple Rocker, No.730

  • Rocking Horses Gloss Lacquer over Walnut Stain; Pine with Maple Rocker, No.731

    Rocking Horses- All Maple, Body & Rocker Assembly
  • Rocking Horses, Gloss Lacquer over Clear Finish; Maple Body & Maple Rocker, No.742

  • Rocking Horses, Gloss Lacquer over Mahoghany Stain; Maple Body & Maple Rocker, No.732

  • Rocking Horses Gloss Lacquer over Walnut Stain; Maple Body & Maple Rocker, No.733

    Rocking Lamb & Lion
  • Rocking Lambs; Wood Body, Soft Fabric Upholstered+Maple Rocker Assembly, No.710    

  • Rocking Lions; Wood Body, Soft Fabric Upholstered+Maple Rocker Assembly, No.720

           Doll Furniture
  • Doll High Chairs, No.900

  • Doll Armoires/Cabinets     

  • Doll Cradles, No.920      

  • Doll Beds, 930 & 940      

  • Ironing Boards, No.960     

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    Unit Blocks

    "Made in the USA"

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      What is a "Standard Unit Block"

      The block sets manufactured by Oldfashionedblocks.com/Educational Concepts are based on the “Standard Unit Block” principle developed by educator Caroline Pratt in the early 1900’s. The dimensions of each block shape in a set of unit blocks is a multiple or a fraction of the size of the piece defined as the “unit”. The “unit” is a rectangular piece of maple measuring 5 1/2” in Length by 2 3/4” in width by 1 3/8” in height or thickness. The name of each basic rectangular block shape in a set is based on its size as compared to the length of the “unit”, e.g., the Unit Block is 5 1/2“ long while the Half Unit Block is 2 3/4” long, the Double Unit Block is 11” long and the Quad Unit Block is 22” long. The dimensions of all other block shapes, including the columns, the pillars, the triangles, the curves, etc., are proportional to the length, width and height dimensions of the “unit”. This is the source of the term, “Standard Unit Blocks”.

      The fixed dimensional relationship between the "unit" and the other block shapes creates an environment in which children develop motor skills and "absorb" math concepts such as length, volume and fractions while totally engaged in the creative freedom of block play.

      Through play activities children "discover" the relationship between the different standard unit block shapes and learn while playing, e.g., discovering that two Unit Triangles make a Unit Block, two Unit Pillars equal one Unit Block, etc...

      Everything called a standard unit block is not a "True" standard unit block and "Selected Hardwood" and "Rubberwood" are not "Hard Maple"

      There are many sets on the market today called unit blocks that do not meet the physical characteristics or the dimensional requirements of the Caroline Pratt standard. A block set that is not built to the standard becomes a collection of wood shapes that do not provide the math and other benefits of "standard unit" block play. If the blocks are not manufactured from Maple, the weight, durability and non-splintering nature of Maple are lost. You should consider these important characteristics when shopping for building blocks.

      The weight of standard unit blocks manufactured from "Hard Maple" makes for stable play objects. Hard Maple building blocks allow children to build towers and roads reaching as far as imagination will allow. The effect of combining the standard unit principal with "weight" and "non-splintering" characteristics of hard maple adds to the unique contribution made by block play to a child's physical and educational development. All blocks surfaces are hand sanded and all edges are eased. No oil or paint finish is applied to unit building blocks manufactured by Oldfashionedblocks.com.

      The Oldfashionedblocks.com line offers twelve sets of standard unit blocks

    • Set sizes range from 18 to 326 pieces with 3 sets incorporating our exclusive Block & Castle features.
    • The unit blocks set description chart identifies the standard unit block shapes and quantity of that shape contained in each of the sets.
    • The individual standard unit block shapes are also available and may be purchased seperately. See the "Unit Block Shapes" chart at the bottom of this page.

      Prices for complete Unit Building Block sets & ABC block items
      Click on the links below to be taken to the details for each set

    Our Wooden Blocks
    Category and #
    Regular Price
    $ 104.00
    $ 41.00
    $ 117.00
    $ 72.00
    $ 75.00
    $ 109.00
    $ 180.00
    $ 275.00
    $ 183.00
    $ 376.00
    $ 312.00
    $ 810.00
    See Item
    $ 5.40
    $ 417.00

    Pricing and links to detail pictures for the Individual "Unit Block" Shapes
    Click on the links below to see that block shape compared with the "Standard Unit" block
    Individual Unit Block Shapes
    Block Item #
    Regular Price
    Quad Unit Blocks (Pkg of 2)
    Block # 1501
    Double Unit Blocks (Pkg of 2)
    Block # 1502
    Unit Blocks (Pkg of 2)
    Block # 1503
    Half Unit Blocks (Pkg of 4)
    Block # 1504
    Double Triangle (Pkg of 2)
    Block # 1505
    Block # 1506
    Block # 1507
    Ramp Blocks  (Pkg of 2)
    Block # 1508
    Block # 1509
    Unit Pillar Blocks (Pkg of 4)
    Block # 1510
    Block # 1511
    Block # 1512
    Block # 1513
    Block # 1514
    Block # 1515
    Block # 1516
    Block # 1517
    Small Curve Blocks (Pkg of 1)
    Block # 1518
    Large Curve Blocks (Pkg of 1)
    Block # 1519
    Switch Blocks (Pkg of 1)
    Block # 1520
    Crossing Blocks (Pkg of 1)
    Block # 1521
    Block # 1522
    Block # 1523
    Block # 1524
    Items # 1525
    Quad Roof Board (Pkg of 2)
    Items # 1526
    Block # 1527
    Block # 1529
    Block # 1530

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